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The Mobility for Life Project

We need thousands of Albertans — both with and without bone and joint conditions —to participate in a number of long-term research studies. The Mobility for Life Project will encompass studies already underway in the institute as well as new initiatives. The information collected will form one of the world’s most comprehensive musculoskeletal health databases, helping researchers identify early indicators of disease, improve diagnosis and target effective treatment.

Researchers hope to recruit thousands of study participants by 2025. Once enrolled in the project, volunteers will be invited to undergo specific imaging, clinical and laboratory testing at regular intervals for up to 20 years. These tests will be administered by qualified providers, online or in person at the Centre for Mobility and Joint Health (MoJo) located at the Foothills Campus of the University of Calgary. The results of these tests and evaluations will be available to participants and will be anonymized and kept on a secured database to be used in various ongoing or future studies.