McCaig Trainee Committee

The McCaig Trainee Committee (MTC) is a group of dedicated student leaders who plan weekly seminars and organize educational, social and funding opportunities for the trainees of the McCaig Institute. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact one of the MTC members below:

McCaig Trainee Committee (MTC)

  • Karys Hildebrand, Trainee Co-Chair
  • Kurt Hildebrand, Trainee Co Chair
  • Cassidy Da Silva, Education Committee Rep.
  • Sam Leech, Events Rep.
  • Jessica Corpuz, Events Rep
  • Luiz de Almeida, Seminar Series Rep.
  • Michael Kuczynski, Seminar Series Rep.
  • Beth Barretto,  Seminar Series Rep. 
  • Manmeet Dhiman, Seminar Series Rep.
  • Marta Vidal-Garcia, Postdoctoral Fellow Rep.
  • Lucas Lo-Vercio, Postdoctoral Fellow Rep