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Funding opportunities for trainees


The McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health offers the following funding programs for undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows:

The R.R. Singleton Summer Studentship (undergraduate)

The R. R. Singleton Summer Studentship Awards are the result of a generous donation from Mr. Richard Singleton and the late Mrs. Linda Singleton. This competitive internal award is intended to provide stipend support to undergraduate students pursuing a summer research position, encouraging trainees to explore research as a potential field of study.

R.R. Singleton Summer Studentship Terms of Reference

R.R. Singleton Summer Studentship application

The Cy Frank Trainee Award in Nutrition For Bone, Joint and Muscle Health  

This award was established through an anonymous donation to honour the late Dr. Cy Frank and his impact on provincial, national and international health care and musculoskeletal research.  This award is currently available to one trainee who works in the area of environmental contaminants in the area of nutrition as it relates to bone, joint and muscle health.

The Cy Frank Trainee Award in Nutrition for Bone, Joint and Muscle Health Terms of Reference

This award is currently allocated to a trainee.  We will accept applications in 2018.


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PURE Awards (undergraduate)

Markin Undergraduate Student Research Program

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Graduate and undergraduate students: 

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