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Strategic Advisory Board (SAB)

This Board defines and guides the vision, strategy and expectations of the Institute so that its full potential is realized. The Board is accountable for:

  • Promoting partnerships that enhance the potential for the Institute’s success
  • Alignment and effective working relationships with the Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the University of Calgary (UofC) that lead to shared success
  • The success of the Institute’s Director 
  • The community reflecting pride and confidence in the Institute
  • Ensuring the evaluation of programs such that they meet the highest international standards

The Strategic Advisory Board members:

  • Marilyn McCaig - Chair of SAB, appointed by Alberta Health Services-Calgary Zone/UofC
  • Gerald Zamponi - Appointee of the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine
  • Kit Johnson - Appointee of AHS
  • Dianne Mosher - Division Chief of Orthopaedics or Division Chief of Rheumatology
  • Nicholas Mohtadi - Member appointed by the AHS and the UofC
  • Ian Robinson - Chair of Alberta Bone Joint and Joint Health Institute
  • Dianna Mulherin - Member of the Community Partner Advisory Committee
  • Terry Owen - Community Representative 
  • Kawal Sandhu - Community Business leader
  • Steven Boyd - McCaig Institute Director (as a non-voting member)
  • Terri May - Ex-Officio member  

Executive Council

  • Steven Boyd, Chair
  • Cheryl Barnabe
  • Danielle Whittier (TLC Rep.)
  • David Hart
  • Kevin Hildebrand
  • Marilyn McCaig
  • Derrick Rancourt
  • Brent Edwards
  • Terri May

Research Committee

  • Kevin Hildebrand, Chair
  • Steven Boyd, Co-Chair
  • Deborah Marshall
  • David Hart
  • Yves Pauchard
  • Benedikt Hallgrimsson
  • Roman Krawetz
  • Dianne Mosher
  • Campbell Rolian
  • Paul Salo

Education, Training and Mentorship Committee

  • Derrick Rancourt, Chair
  • Roman Krawetz
  • John Bertram
  • Heather Jamniczky
  • Heinrike Schmelling
  • John Matyas
  • Bryce Besler, (TLC Rep.)

Trainee Leadership Committee (TLC)

  • Danielle Whittier, Trainee Co-Chair
  • Terri May, Co-Chair
  • Bryce Besler, Education Committee