Linda Truong

PhD Candidate

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Research interests

I am interested in finding strategies to optimize rehabilitation of a traumatic musculoskeletal (MSK) injury, particularly in the knee joint. One approach may be to identify unmet needs during rehabilitation after a traumatic MSK injury. Currently, we have a good understanding about the physical needs of rehabilitation, but we lack clear insight into the psychological and social needs. This may hinder us from providing a holistic approach to rehabilitation for our patients. By understanding unmet needs after rehabilitation, we can provide a more patient centered and holistic rehabilitation program. This may increase patient motivation, adherence, patient-reported outcomes and objective outcomes.  This can also influence the way practitioners approach rehabilitation and bring awareness to other areas that should be addressed to ensure optimal MSK health.

My long term vision with my educational pursuits is to develop research that will help optimize knee rehabilitation after a musculoskeletal injury and help assist in developing a sustainable medical model to deliver these rehabilitation programs (i.e. rehabilitation classes) that encompasses all aspect of recovery (physical, psychological and social). I would also like to help facilitate growth in the physical therapy profession by teaching within the PT program and running or offering workshops to help mentor young physical therapists.