Holly Sparks, DVM, PhD

Assistant Professor

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Research interests

Fibrosis, or the formation of non-functional scar tissue, is an unfortunate and common result following the healing of many different injuries affecting mesenchymal tissues such as that in the skin, tendons, ligaments, and joints of veterinary and human patients alike. As a result of this scar tissue formation, patients may experience a range of chronic and debilitating outcomes following injury. Dr. Sparks’ research focuses on identifying novel therapeutics aimed at the prevention of fibrosis/scarring through the promotion of tissue regeneration.

As a large animal surgeon, Dr. Sparks’ clinical expertise aims at both preventing and treating athletic injuries of equine athletes. As common athletic injuries of horses closely mimic many of the most common human musculoskeletal injuries and disease, she is able to work in parallel with researchers aimed at developing novel therapeutics for human use to not only provide pre-clinical evidence for safety and efficacy, but also capture these products for use in veterinary species. Such collaborations are vital to advance veterinary and human health care alike.