Kaitlyn Dillabough

MSc Candidate


Research interests

Violence occurring within intimate relationships is a global health issue. Efforts to address Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in the healthcare setting have previously focused on identifying and assisting women who are victims/survivors of IPV. However, this focus fails to address the cause of IPV: the perpetrators of violence. Fracture clinics have been recognized as an opportunity to screen and assist patients who have experienced IPV. The development of a screening tool which is acceptable to both patients and clinicians has the potential to increase identification of IPV perpetrators, with the goal of offering early intervention and education. Development of screening tools and orthopaedic healthcare provider education on this issue, fulfils the priorities of the McCaig Institute to conduct research, develop educational resources and community interventions. The focus on a community health need with the intent of improving screening of patients with musculoskeletal injuries, the second most common manifestation of IPV, will improve orthopaedic trauma patient care.