sore knee

Can a dietary fibre supplement alleviate knee pain

Researchers would like to try a fibre supplement on those who have obesity and knee osteoarthritis. They speculate that a high fibre supplement will change the gut microbiota and reduce chronic inflammation.


Adults between 30 and 75 years old BMI greater than 30 kg/m. Calculate here (or we can calculate for you) Have knee osteoarthritis (not due to a previous injury)

What to Expect:

consume powdered fibre twice a day for 6 months take part in 4 body scans (DEXA). See a video of a DEXA scan. do a 6 minute walking test one knee x-ray have blood drawn on test days

Time Commitment:

Visit the lab at the U of C for 4 test days and 5 brief check-up meetings. About a 20-hour time commitment over 9 months.


Dr. Rafael Fortuna at or 403-220-5450.