The Mobility for Life Project Team

Meet the Mobility for Life Project team leading the study.

This study has been approved by the University of Calgary Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board (REB19-1515).


Dr. Steven Boyd, Principal Investigator

Dr. Steven Boyd, PhD, is a Professor, Department of Radiology in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary and Director of the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health. He is a Biomedical Engineer with joint appointments in the Schulich School of Engineering and Faculty of Kinesiology.

His research focuses on understanding the aetiology of bone and joint diseases, with a particular interest in interventions targeting osteoporotic fracture prevention and altering the trajectory of post-traumatic osteoarthritis following an acute knee ligament injury. 

Research profile

Healthy Living

Maximizing healthy living by exploring the range of human variability


Inflammatory Arthritis

Early, precise and effective treatment (transforming care) for pediatric and adult patients


Preventing osteoporotic fractures



Subtyping of osteoarthritis for personalized treatment