The Mobility for Life Project

Together, we will help Albertans enjoy Mobility for Life. 


The goal of the Mobility for Life Project is to form a world-class musculoskeletal health database. Data collected in this database will help researchers identify early indicators of disease, improve diagnosis and target effective treatment. 

Research Framework

The Mobility for Life Project is a long-term research study of how bone and joint diseases develop and progress over time, so we can find ways to prevent, diagnose and treat them before irreparable damage occurs. The framework of the project will encompass existing clinical research studies and new initiatives that will inform research within the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health, the University of Calgary and beyond.


Mobility for Life Recruitment

Because bone and joint diseases take years to develop, it’s important for researchers to study people over a long period of time.  We need thousands of Albertans — both with and without bone and joint conditions — to participate in the long-term research study.


Participants needed

Researchers hope to recruit up thousands of study participants. Because bone and joint conditions take years to develop, we are looking for participants with or without bone and joint conditions to enroll.  Participants within the Mobility for Life Project will provide invaluable information to form a comprehensive database.

Participants must be 14 years old or older and reside in Alberta.


Project roadmap

Eligible participants will be invited to complete annual questionnaires and may be invited to undergo optional specific imaging, clinical and laboratory testing at regular intervals. These tests will be administered by qualified providers, online or in-person at the Centre for Mobility and Joint Health (MoJo) located at the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health on the Foothills Campus of the University of Calgary. 

The results of these tests and evaluations will be available to participants and will be anonymized and kept on a secured database to be used in various ongoing or future studies. 


McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health

The Mobility for Life Project is one of many research projects underway at the McCaig Institute.

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Mobility for Life Project Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

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