Bone structure in the midfoot

Researchers are looking for participants for a study using advanced medical imaging to understand bone structure in the mid-foot. With repetitive loading, these bones can develop stress fractures, a painful injury difficult to diagnose and treat. They are interested in better understanding the structure and mechanics of the mid-foot bones, with the ultimate goal of improving stress fracture diagnosis and management. 

 Who is eligible:

Healthy adults, ages 16-45 Anyone with foot pain or a suspected mid-foot stress fracture, ages 16-49

What to expect:

This study involves CT and/or MRI imaging of your foot to look at the structure of the mid-foot bones. Questionnaire and/or clinical assessment to evaluate foot function

Time commitment:

Healthy participants without stress fracture: a single two-hour imaging visit Injured participants with stress fracture: four imaging visits over the course of one year


Please email if you would like to learn more.